Our Network

Our Network Infrastructure

Our production network uses only Juniper EX Switches and Juniper MX Routers. A redundant pair of Juniper MX routers, each of which is scalable to 80Gbps of Internet connectivity is used at our network border. 80+ 10Gbps ports spread across two different Juniper EX switches power our network core. Our Juniper MX routers and our Juniper EX core switches feature A+B redundant power. Our network core connects to the customer facing switches, which are top of the line, using redundant 10Gbps links. A highly available and self healing network is characteristic of a robust system and that is exactly what we have designed. In the highly-unlikely event of a problem with one of the core switches or border routers, RTSP and BFD have been used to ensure that switched and re-routed traffic is caught, in under a second.


IP Transit / Connectivity

A network service provider is only as good as its performance and we have selected our partners based on their excellent performance domestically and internationally. We take full BGP routes (both IPv4 and IPv6) from each provider and our customers benefit by getting an optimized, blended mix of bandwidth. Globally superior Tier 1 and Tier 2 networks to which we have IP transit connectivity:

  • Level (3)
  • Cogent
  • XO
  • Hurricane Electric
  • TeliaSonera


Transport Facilities and Capabilities

Our data center facility is equipped with highly available, redundant external network connectivity thanks to the many, physically varied transport amenities we have. This is complementary to our Juniper network. We are ensured low latency and high availability with our redundant dark fiber ring. Our dark fiber ring is enabled to scale up to 1000Gbps of connectivity. Also, we know that often when an IP Transit POP has a major incident it can mean unwanted and expensive interruptions to the network. However, to circumvent such instances we have installed transport facilities that allow us to connect to IP Transit providers at two distinct physical locations. This ensures that we stay online with zero interruptions to the network even in case of unforeseen incidences.


Intelligent Routing Optimization

To constantly analyze network traffic in real-time, we use the Noction IRP intelligent routing optimization platform. The routing optimization platform continually scans for:

  • Network paths with less latency.
  • With reduced packet loss.
  • Those with optimum overall performance.

Traffic is automatically re-routed to the best path within minutes thus permitting us to flawlessly and automatically route around any major network issues and slowdowns.

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