anySiteSolutions High-Speed Internet Solutions

With unlimited bandwidth, no throttling, no data caps, and broad geographic availability, anySiteSolutions new high-speed Internet solution is helping customers in rural areas stay connected with higher speeds and better services than ever before.

With performance that in most cases far surpasses that of traditional satellite or wired internet in rural areas, anySiteSolutions Internet offers another option for high-speed broadband internet in locations where access has been too expensive, too slow, or unreliable.

High-speed Internet Service is just $119/mo* for unlimited, un-capped, un-throttled service, with NO CONTRACT.

Compare anySiteSolutions to other rural internet options, like Satellite and sometimes DSL: 
Cost, Contract:
-Satellite cost is $70-$150 with data caps, bandwidth limits,  added taxes and fees with a minimum 3 year contract.
-DSL is in the same price range, but see below for speed issues.
-anySiteSolutions is contract free, and simply $99/mo, no taxes or surcharges added.

Speed, Latency, Limits:
-Satellite speed is limited to 12-30Mbps with severe data caps and limited bandwidth (after 40GB, you are slowed to dial-up speeds), and extremely high latency of 500ms or more.
-DSL, when available, is often only 1Mbps or 5Mbps in rural areas. This is barely usable for today’s internet needs.
-anySiteSolutions speed varies based on location and signal availability, but most of the time we see speeds in the 20-60Mbps range. The real win with us is the UNLIMITED bandwidth and NO DATA CAPS. We have many customers using Terabytes of data, with no limits. Latency is generally near 50ms.

Customer Service:
-Satellite and DSL of course force you through an 800#, with a call tree, and extreme difficulty in finding someone who cares or knows what you are looking for.
-anySiteSolutions provides you direct email, phone, text message access to your dedicated rep, who knows you and your systems personally.

We will, of course, provide a free site survey, to let you know what you can expect from our service, and to introduce ourselves.
Please call us any time at (218) 724-2903, 1-888-724-2903 or email us at to let us know how we can help out!

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Make sure to ask us about our fully managed WiFi solutions, security services, camera solutions, telephone service, and more.

*Modem purchase required. Service not available in all areas. Free site survey determines availability and speed estimates. Prices subject to change. Requires automatic ACH payment.