Error Message(s):
Error message when you run a query in Access: “Cannot group on fields selected with ‘*'”

All fields showing in query results even though you only stipulated a few



To resolve this problem, set the Output All Fields property of the query to No, and then run the Access query that uses an aggregate function. To do this, follow these steps:
Start Access.
Open the Access database that contains the problem query.
In the Database window, click Queries under the Objects section.

Note In Access 2007, click the Queries group in the left Navigation Pane.
Right-click the query that you want to modify, and then click Design View.
On the View menu, click Properties.

Note In Access 2007, click the Design tab, and then click Property Sheet in the Tools group.
In the Query Properties dialog box, set the value of the Output All Fields query property to No.

Note In Access 2007, click the Stored Procedure tab in the Property dialog box. Make sure that the Output all columns option is not selected.
On the Query menu, click Run.

Note In Access 2007, click the Design tab, and then click Run in the Tools group.

You probably have the setting “on” for outputting all fields.

Access 2000:
See File | Tools | Options | Tables/Queries tab — deselect “Output all fields” option.

Access 2007:
File, Options, Object Desingers, Query design
UNCHECK: Output all fields