How do I add new, edit existing, or simply manage the DNS Records for my domain name?

You can easily do this a number of ways. Please contact support for information specific to your domain, or try one of the following: Access

  1. Logon to the anySiteSolutions Client Portal (How to logon to Client Portal)
  2. Find your Domain under Password Manager (How do I use Password Manager)
  3. Click the ‘eye’ to reveal your password (may be helpful to jot down your username and password ;), and then click the green Login button next to the domain you wish to work with.
  4. In the new tab/window, logon.
  5. Once logged on, scroll to the bottom of the Host Records section, and click the Edit button.
  6. Make the desired changes, and then click the Save button when finished

* Be very careful when making changes

If your domain is registered with us, and your website is hosted with us, you may:

  1. Logon to your CONTROL PANEL and update your DNS Records there.

If your domain is registered with us, but your website is hosted on another provider, you may:

  1. Logon to the Client Portal (Learn: How do I logon to the Client Portal?)
  2. Select Domains, My Domains
  3. Click the wrench icon / Manage Domain option next to the domain you wish to work with
  4. Click the DNS Management option from the list on the left
  5. Make your changes, and click the Save button at the bottom