How do I view my Axis Camera System?

How do I troubleshoot my Axis Camera System?

I can’t view my cameras.

Why do I see a disconnected camera icon?




Axis Companion Classic App

You can view the camera system on your iPhone or iPad by using the Axis Companion Classic app.
It is important you are using the Classic version. It is a grey icon, not green.


When opening the app, you will need to logon twice. Once with your MyAxis account, and then again with your Site Password.
Please contact us for these logons.

Troubleshooting – Quit the app

Quit the app, and then open the app again.

Troubleshooting – Log off and back on

  1. First, confirm you have BOTH your MyAxis Account username and password AND your Site Pass before logging off. (Please contact us if you do not have this information)
  2. Touch the three dots at the lower right of the screen.
  3. Touch the Sign out from MyAxis link, then touch Yes, to confirm.
  4. Enter your MyAxis account username and password, and touch SIGN IN
  5. Allow access? Touch the Grant button
  6. Note: many times, the app will bring you right back to the MyAxis account logon screen again at this point. This is ‘normal’. Simply re-enter your MyAxis username and password once more, and Grant once more, and you will be logged on the second time.
  7. Touch the Site you wish to access, to view the cameras
  8. Enter your Site Password and touch Log in.
  9. Your camera previews may take a moment to load.