How do you install the anySiteBackup Advanced backup software client on your PC?  



Download the program from here: http://www.anysitesupport.com/anysitebackup-com-software-download/ 


Once downloaded, run the downloaded file by double-clicking on it. 
If prompted to Run, click the Run button 
If warned about not being able to verify publisher, click Yes 
After a few moments, the Select Setup Language window will appear, select your preferred language, and click OK 
At the Setup window, click the Next button
Accept the License Agreement and click Next
Accept the default Destination Location, and click Next
Set the program group allowance to Anyone Who Uses This Computer and click Next
At the Ready to Install window, click the Install button
When setup is complete, leave the Launch anySiteBackup Advanced box checked, and click the Finish button 


Run the anySiteBackup software by locating the icon in the System Tray (small icons next to the clock)
If prompted to allow changes to the computer, click Yes
Login with the user/pass provided to you by Support (note: usernames are case sensitive as well as passwords)
NOTE: It is generally considered best practice not to check the Save Password checkbox, as this means any user on your PC will be allowed access to these settings and your backed up files.
If prompted to Setup the Encryption Setting of “<computer name>”, leave at Default and click Save (this may prompt SEVERAL times)


Once the software is running, click the Backup Setting (gear) icon at the lower left
Click the green Plus button at the top left
Name the backup set to identify the PC it will be backing up, and click Next
Select the documents you would like to backup – it is usually best to click the Advanced button and manually select each folder you require backed up
After selecting your files, click Next
Leave the “Run scheduled backup on this computer” checkbox checked and click Properties to adjust the backup schedule
You may also click Add to add additional backup schedules (i.e. one schedule for weekdays, another for weekends, etc) 
After setting up the schedule, click Next
Leave the encryption set to Default, and click OK to finish
Click OK again at the success window
At the Backup Setting Window, click OK to finish …FOLLOW THE STEPS in the CONFIGURE BACKUP SET section below to complete a few more vital steps… 


Open the anySiteBackup software, logon, and click the Backup Setting (gear) icon at the lower left 
Select the Backup Set you wish to configure from the drop down list at the top left

Select the Retention Policy item from the list on the left
Select or manually type in the number of days you wish to keep the files for.

Select the Backup Filter item from the list on the left
Fill in the details of the files/folders you wish to exclude from this backup set (i.e. many users will exclude files like *.ost)

Select the Extra Backup item from the list on the left
For laptops or PCs that may spend a large amount of time either offline, or turned off, it is best to configure this setting so the machine is backed up continuously even when not powered on or on the Internet during their scheduled backup times
Check the “Enable off-line backup” checkbox
Set the Backup Interval to something like 0 days, 1 hours
Leave Email notification set to 7 days 

When finished setting the configurations, click OK to finish.