How do we send and receive faxes using telephone service?

All faxes sent to your fax number are conveniently delivered to you via email as a PDF attachment.

If you would like to adjust what email address these are sent to, please contact support.

If you would like to add additional fax numbers, so that certain faxes go to certain individuals, we can do that too – contact support today!

To send faxes, simply print the document you would like to send, but instead of printing to your regular printer, please select the ‘Upload New Fax’ printer instead.

When you print to that printer, you will be prompted for what fax number(s) you want to send to, and be allowed to setup a fax cover sheet, or any other options you like as well.

To send a physical paper, simply scan the document to your computer first, and then print to the ‘Upload New Fax’ printer.

Downloading Fax Upload Application

To download Fax Upload Application, visit the Downloads page, and select the Fax Upload, Windows link under the Telephone section.

Sending a fax from your computer

  1. Verify that you are connected to the Internet.
  2. Open the document you want to send.
    • The file name of the document should not contain any special characters and spaces and should be less than 40 characters long.
  3. Go to File > Print.
  4. In the Print drop-down menu, select Upload New Fax.
  5. Click on Ok.Upload
  6. Check the appropriate boxes to send the document to a fax machine(s).
  7. To send a document to one or more fax machines, enter the 10 digit fax number(s) separated with a semi-colon, or press CTRL and Enter and enter each fax number on a separate line in a highlighted field.
  8. Click on Send to send a document(s).Send

Note: Sending a fax may take up to 3 seconds per page, depending on the size and type of document being faxed and the speed of your Internet connection.

Adding a cover sheet

Before sending your document, you may optionally add a cover sheet.

To set up a cover sheet for the first time, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Cover Sheet tab at the top of the window.
  2. Fill in your name, company name, phone number and any footer information you want to add (such as confidentiality wording).Cover

Note: All information added will be automatically saved, and will auto-populate into any cover sheet you begin.

To add a cover sheet before sending a document, follow these steps:

  1. On the Options tab click on Add Cover Sheet.Add cover sheet
  2. Fill the recipient’s name, company name, and the one-line document subject. Add additional comments in the Comments box.
  3. Click on OK to return to the main options page.

Note: Subject field can’t contain more than 40 characters.