Online Meeting is a powerful meeting software option similar to WebEx or Zoom, but with greater integration to your Telephone system, lower price (free with your phone system*), and dedicated customer support onsite, or via phone or chat.

Online Meeting may be easily accessed directly via the Elevate Desktop application, or the Elevate mobile app.

Elevate Desktop Software

Click the Online Meeting button on the left (three avatars)

Several options then are viewable:

  1. Meeting URL
    Here, you can customize web meeting URL to something more branded to your organization like
  2. Join by Phone, PIN
    This shows the phone number and PIN you can distribute to your meeting attendees for them to dial in to.
  3. Copy Info
    This automatically copies all meeting dial in and web information to your clipboard for simple pasting into an email or meeting invite.
  4. Send via Email
    This is even more convenient as it automatically opens a new email in your email software, with the meeting information pre-populated in the message body!

Online Meeting Desktop Software

If you do not have a telephone user logon, you will not be able to use the Elevate Desktop Software to access the Online Meetings. Instead, please request an Online Meeting user from Support, and we will assign a separate Online Meeting user logon for you.

Open Online Meeting on your desktop, and after logon, you will have several options:

  1. Meeting URL, Optional Dial-In and PIN
    You can customize your meeting URL to something more branded to your organization like
    You can see the dial in number and PIN your attendees can use to dial in to your meeting.
    COPY: Click this link to copy your meeting info for simple pasting into an email or meeting invite.
  2. [START A MEETING] Click to immediately start a meeting direct from your computer and choose whether to dial in for audio, or simply use your computer’s microphone and speakers.
  3. [SCHEDULE A MEETING] Click to schedule a meeting in the future.
    Largely un-used, just for users who may be setting up several meetings, and want to use the Online Meeting Software to manage the schedule of meetings.
  4. [JOIN A MEETING] Click to join a meeting hosted by another user, by entering that user’s meeting code or URL

Elevate Mobile App

Go to Settings, UC APPS, and select Online Meeting

If you have not already installed the app, it will bring you directly to the app page in the app store to allow you to install.
If you have the software installed, it will open the app.

If you have not logged on, you will be prompted to logon
Use the same email/password combination you use for your phone logon, or if you do not have a phone logon, please request an Online Meeting user from Support.

Several options are now available:

  1. Host:
    Customize your Meeting URL
    Dial in to your own Conference Number[START A MEETING] to start hosting a new meeting directly from your device
    [ENTER ACTIVE MEETING] to join already active meeting on your account
  2. Join:
    Here you may enter another host’s meeting URL or Code to join a meeting not hosted under your User.

*free with your phone system:
Starter is free with each telephone user and allows for 4 Web or Video attendees, and 200 dial in attendees.
Pro upgrade allows for 3o Web Attendees, and 12 Video Conf attendees, and again 200 dial in attendees. Along with Unlimited Meeting Recording, Presentation Upload, and Meeting Notes.
Please contact Support to upgrade your account.