Is there a way in OS X to be able to right-click and select an option to copy the path of the current file or directory?

I would find this very helpful for when I am trying to quickly save a file to a particular directory and I can quickly find that directory in Finder, and I want to then quickly copy that path (without having to go to Get Info and manually copy the path there).

Then when saving a new doc, I could quickly just hit Command + Shift + G to bring up the Go To dialog and just paste in that path to quickly get to that directory.


It is a bit odd, but you have to make an Automator Script to get this to work.

I usually shy away from Automator Scripts, but this one looked pretty easy, so I gave it a shot, and it worked!


Note – this even works by right clicking any folder in the path along the bottom of the Finder window!
(Finder – View menu, Show Path Bar)


We found a simple App Store App for this as well now that we tend to use a lot for clients!
The app is a bit oddly named at: PathSnagger 2, but works well!
And at only $0.99 with Family Sharing, it’s very affordable!

Launch Automator and create a new “Service”
Use the search function to look for “Copy to Clipboard” and drag that into the rightside panel of the Service
Set ‘Service recieves selected’ to “files or folders” and ‘in’ to “Finder” as shown in the screen shot below
Save the Service with a name like “Copy Path”


Directory Path
Snag Path