I am using PayPal’s IPN (Instant Payment Notification) service to interface with a payment form on my website. However when a user attampts to pay using the form, and selects to pay using a credit card on the resulting PayPal.com web page, they are forced to either sign in to an existing PayPal.com account, or setup a new account.
We need them to be able to simply provide a credit card and pay, without having to sign in or sign up for a PayPal account.


There are a couple of different things likely getting in the way here:
Have you verified all of your information on your PayPal account?

Email Address?
Sign in, My Account, Profile, My business info, Email – does a Confirm link show there? 
Click it and complete the confirmation

PayPal Account Optional?

Have you set it up so that the purchaser having a PayPal account is optional?
Sign in, My Account, Profile, My selling tools, Selling online, Website preferences
PayPal Account Optional: ON
Click Save 
**NOTE: this option may not appear – keep trying the other options listed in this article, continually returning to this page to see if/when this option appears.

Business Type: Services?
One PayPal rep tried to tell us once that if your PayPal.com account is setup with a business category of Services, or something similar, this option may not appear?

Sign in, My Account, Profile, My business info, Business information, click Update
Click Edit (at the bottom)
Category: set to something plain like Business to business
Sales Venue(s): don’t select eBay, select My Own Website
Ensure all other data is filled in.

Another more expensive option is to sign up for Website Payments Pro which allows this behavior and many other advanced features.




New Account
Website payments standard