Our Directory Listing service allows you to submit a phone number for listing in several national directory listing databases.  Many directory assistance providers use these national databases for their listing information.  Most national databases will pick up the information within 6 to 8 weeks.

  • Numbers must have completed porting before you may request a directory listing.
  • Only one phone number may be listed with the same combination of company name and address. When submitting multiple requests, please provide a different company name or address on each number and from previous listing requests.
  • Address must be immediately local to the phone number being requested (A Minneapolis phone number must have a local Minneapolis address)
  • Canadian addresses are not allowed and will be rejected.
  • An address is required on the request even if you select to hide the address in the listing.
To submit a request, please email Support@anySiteSolutions.com with the phone number, the name, and the address to use.