We of course work with several clients that use gmail for their businesses, and want to know why we always make one of our very first suggestions that they migrate away from such an easy to use service.

A few reasons immediately come to mind:

  1. Privacy: Google is in the business of data gathering. They read every word of your email in order to better understand your likes and dislikes and then display more relevant ads to you.
  2. Backups: THERE. ARE. NONE. Ever deleted that important email you really wish you hadn’t? Ever had your email client set to automatically empty the Deleted Items folder on exit and didn’t realize it? With google’s gmail, you are out of luck.
  3. Support: Ever run into a problem, or had a question on the email system? Ever had much luck in reaching a human that new anything about it? (Granted, that’s what our consultants are standing by ready to assist you with, but sure would be nice to have real support from the source)
  4. Advanced Uses: Sending a web form using your gmail account? Have fun configuring that! 😉

Anyway, those are just a few of the many reasons for upgrading to a real email system.

Give us a call – we’ll be glad to help with migrations at no charge!