I would like anySiteHosting.com to handle my domain name registration.

How do I transfer my domain name registration to anySiteHosting.com?


The simplest way to do this is to perform the following steps at the current registrar, and then email Support@anySiteHosting.com requesting we execute the transfer:

1. Disable any Private Registration or Private Whois services
2. Disable any Domain Lock or Transfer Lock services
3. Update the Administrative Contact email address on the domain to DNS@anySiteHosting.com (if anySite is taking over full management they will update your account information to DNS@anySiteHosting.com as well)
**NOTE: DO NOT update Registrant contact information – this may have the undesired effect of locking your domain for an irreversable 60 day period.
4. Work with your current provider to find the EPP or Authorization Code (usually a series of random numbers, letters and punctuation)
5. Once this is all completed and confirmed, email the EPP/AuthCode, and the domain name you wish transferred to Support@anySiteHosting.com requesting the transfer, and we will take care of the rest!

If you are using your current registrar for DNS hosting, the following additional steps need to be taken:
1. We will setup your new DNS hosting account here, document all of your current DNS settings, and replicate them in your DNS settings here.
2. While your domain is still at it’s current Domain Registrar we will point the domain to our NameServers
3. We will then execute the transfer to your new account here.

*Also note:
1. Domains registered less than 60 days ago cannot be transferred – you must wait 60 days from registration date to perform the transfer
2. Domains transferred less than 60 days ago cannot be transferred – you must wait 60 days from date of transfer to perform another transfer.
3. Many registrars will block transfers for 60 days if you update the REGISTRANT contact information. ADMIN, TECHNICAL, BILLING CONTACTS seem to be safe from this issue so far.


Domain Transfer Approval Email

If you do not update the Admin contact email to DNS@anySiteHosting.com, you will receive a “Domain Transfer Request for DOMAIN” email from DNS@anySiteHosting.com requesting you to click Transfer Approval link and submit a form confirming the transfer request.

Please watch for this email (watch your Junk Email folders as well), and either forward it back to us to take care of on your behalf, or click the Transfer Approval link and submit the form ASAP to keep the process moving.


Document DNS
Document Additional Services
Update Admin Contact Email
EPPAuth Code
DNS Setup
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