Q. How do I transfer my domain name to another registrar?

Logon to the Client Portal

Click Domains, My Domains
Click the Manage Domain button next to the domain you are interested in working with

Click the Contact Information link on the left, and ensure the Admin Contact email address is set to an email address you can collect email at.

**Warning** If you update anything other than the email address on the Admin Contact or any other contact information, the domain will be locked and unable to be transferred for at least 60 days. If the contact email is DNS@anySiteSolutions.com feel free to leave the contact information as is, and we will forward the emails to you.

Click the Registrar Lock link on the left, and Disable the registrar lock.

Click the Get EPP Code link on the left, and an email will be sent with the code to the Admin Contact on the domain. (if this is going to DNS@anySiteSolutions.com, and you have been in contact with us, we will forward this to you immediately)

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