How do I view or update the NameServer records / entries for my domain name registration?


Domain Registered with

If you registered your domain name direct with, then you can follow these simple instructions:

Logon to the Client Portal

Click the My Domains link
Click the View Details button next to the domain you are interested in working with
Scroll down the page to the Nameservers section

Make any changes you require*
Click the Save Changes button

*WARNING: Any changes made to the NameServer records of a domain name will change where the domain record is pointed to for its web site hosting needs. Changes made will take 24-72 hours to replicate around the internet. If you are confused about this section, or have any questions at all, please feel free to contact us for assistance!

If you registered your domain name with another provider try some of the following instructions:

1. Contact us and request that we transfer the domain name to our registrar for you to manage simply through our powerful Client Portal system. The best thing about this option, is that you will ALWAYS have total access to your domain name registration records, their ownership and contact details, and will of course always have access to our amazing support to take care of everything for you should you wish!

2. Find the logon information for you current registrar and logon to your account with them.
After logging on, look for a NameServers, or DNS section where you will be able to edit the NameServer records.

Unfortunately, many registrars make it quite difficult to find the information you need.
Fortunately, our support team has plenty of experience in this area, so you can always contact us to request assistance and we will be more than happy to assist!




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