I just almost got suckered…

See the attached pic of an email I just received.

It is a VERY convincing facsimile of a quite valid, seemingly normal email I would receive from my many Amazon.com subscriptions.

HOWEVER, in actuality, had I clicked on any of the links in the email it would have taken me to who knows what kind of computer trouble.

In hovering over the links in the email, I noted they do not go to Amazon.com. Rather, they go to several differing sites that I am sure would unleash all sorts of malware on my PC.

The first thing that tipped me off, is I do not subscribe to any news articles via Amazon.com, then I noted the email address it was referring to is not one I use at Amazon.com, and then of course, the mis-directed links.

Just a heads up to be ever-vigilant in your PC practices!
If anything seems even just the slightest bit ‘off’, STOP! Double-check first!!
And remember, if you still can’t get to the bottom of it, you can always go to the site (amazon.com in this case) directly on your own and look for the info they were sending you via the email – you just can’t trust implicitly that who they say they are is actually the case anymore.