Why is there a charge on my invoice for hardware we are not keeping?

Sorry about any confusion here!

During a project timeline, we may loan certain items to you while we work to install the approved equipment.

This may happen when there is a delay in shipping timelines, a return for a warranty item, a project that requires a temporary build, or any number of reasons.

Once the equipment is installed, we place a temporary charge on your next invoice noting these items on your site, so that no one forgets they are there. These line items on the invoice will be noted as temporary, and due to be refunded as soon as the items are picked up and re-inventoried.

Once the items are picked up and re-inventoried, those line items are refunded on the invoice, and you will receive an updated copy of the invoice.

You may choose to pay the invoice minus the temporary items if you like, and we will simply note the payment, showing the balance left owing (for the temporary items), and when the temp items are re-inventoried, you will receive the adjusted invoice showing paid in full.

If you do pay the invoice in full before the items are returned, your account will be properly credited for the amount charged for the temporary items once they are re-inventoried.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions!