*NOTE: DO NOT replace the SIM card without first discussing and confirming with our support team. 

Please be sure to pick the correct section for the type of modem you have.

If you have a newer square modem with the round display, all you need to do for troubleshooting is simply power it off, count to 10, and power it on.

If this does not fix the issue, please contact our support team.

Rebooting multiple times is completely fine. It is advisable to wait 5 minutes or so between attempts.

Please remember NOT to remove the SIM card without first talking to our support team. 

If you have a small rectangle modem with a rectangle display, please follow these steps:


All three steps 1-3 must be completed most circumstances.

Please ensure you perform the steps in order.

If after one of the steps, the Internet begins working again, you can skip the rest of the steps, and enjoy your Internet.

Thank you!

Step 1: Check the Modem

  1. First things first – can you get your modem’s LCD screen to come on? If you touch the power button (top left edge) and the screen does not light up, you will need to pull off the back cover of the modem, and then remove the battery for a few seconds.
    **Please note – if the screen does not come on, please contact support after you have completed all the steps to request a power management upgrade.**
    Once the battery has been removed, count to 10 or 15, and then put the battery back in, and replace the cover.
    To power the modem back on after this step, please press and hold the power button for 10-20 seconds until you see the screen light up, then release the power button.
    Within 1-2 minutes, the modem should complete booting up, and you can continue to bullet point 3, and of course skip the reboot step 4
  2. 4G LTE
    Take a look at the LCD Screen of your modem. At the top left, it should have the Cell Phone Signal Bars, and next to that, a 4G or 4G LTE icon. It must read 4G LTE for your service to be active.
  3. Reboot (only if you did not already reboot due to the screen issue noted in step 1)
    Many times a simple reboot will do wonders. Please hold down the physical power button at the top edge of your modem until you get a Shutdown prompt and then touch the shutdown button on the screen. Once the screen goes dark, count to 10, and then press and hold the physical power button on the top edge of your modem once more until you see the display light up, and then let go. Once the modem is powered back on, check for the cell signal and 4G LTE icon.
  4. If after rebooting, you do only see 4G and not 4G LTE, please contact support. This is an issue we will need to handle on the server-side, and, in some rare cases, replace the SIM card for you.





Step 2: Check the Bridge

  1. Reboot
    The Bridge is the small white box, slightly smaller than a deck of cards with 3 tiny white LED lights on the front. On the back, there are three network ports and one small, white power cable (similar to a cell phone charging cable). Only one network cable and one power cable are plugged into it. To reboot this box, simply pull the power cable, count to 10, and plug back in.
  2. Please set a timer for 2 minutes, and then continue.
  3. Once the bridge is fully powered on, you will see one solid, and 1-2 blinking white lights on the front.
  4. Try connecting to the Internet again.


Step 3: Check the Firewall

  1. Reboot
    The Firewall is the square box with a white top and bottom and perforated silver sides. It has 4 network ports on the front, and the black power cable plugs into the back.  To reboot this box, simply pull the power cable, count to 10, and plug back in.
  2. Please set a timer for 5 minutes, and then continue.
  3. Once the firewall is fully powered up (this always takes almost exactly 5 minutes), you will see the top square LED light turn blue.
  4. Try connecting to the Internet again


Step 4: Network Switch and/or Wireless Access Point
(most likely not be necessary)

  1. Reboot
    Every once in a while, your local network equipment will also need to rebooted. You will know this is the case, if your wireless networks are not displaying like they normally would, or you are having trouble connecting to your wireless network.
    To reboot, simply pull the power cord out of the back of your network switch(es), count to 10, and plug the switch back in.
    Doing this will also automatically reboot your Wireless Access Point(s), so there is no need to reboot them manually.

Please remember NOT to remove the SIM card without first talking to our support team.